Keeping the Soul-Winner's Fire

Blessed Assurance

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assurance of salvation

by Rev. Glendy Hamilton

No doubt after you have led someone to the Lord, the next most important thing you can share with that person is how to have assurance of salvation. If a young convert does not get a good understanding of the assurance of salvation, the devil will bring havoc in that young Christian’s life. One of the foundation stones that must be laid for a successful Christian life is the stone of assurance. Following are three things you might want to point to in order to instill assurance in the young Christian’s heart.

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In the Pulpit

Christian: Stop Your Sinning!

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by Dr. John McNeal, Jr.
Atlanta Bible Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia

I John 2:1-11 (Steno graphically Recorded)

When we begin to think about all that the Lord has blessed us with, we have been blessed indeed! When we consider the tragedies that happen around us, we must say that God has chosen to be mighty gracious toward us. Sometimes we need to stop and reflect upon how great and good He has been to us.

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Managing God's Money

Regrettably, the Prosperity Gospel Has Gone Viral

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What do you think of when you read the words “Prosperity Gospel”? Odds are your stomach turns a bit as you think about the preachers on television that speak to very large crowds and appeal to even more in their books. More than likely you look at it as “out there” rather than “in here”. In one sense this is good. The shenanigans that some of those religious hucksters engage in should never be replicated in our churches. In another sense however, it’s naive. One does not have to cruising around in a private jet or be dressed ostentatiously to qualify as a promoter of the prosperity gospel. It is more subtle. And it is more pervasive.

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