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What to Do with Unanswered Prayer

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by John Starke

Anyone who’s given himself or herself to prayer for a sustained amount of time has likely experienced the disappointment of unanswered prayer. But the more theologicall astute among you may not like that phrase “unanswered prayer.” You may call it a category mistake. I understand your point. In reality, there are no unanswered prayers. God is sovereign and giving us all what we would’ve asked for if we knew everything he knows. Continue reading

For a More Intelligent Faith

Tony Evans Shares How the Key to Prayer Is Having Faith Like a Child

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by Tony Evans

I’ll never forget when the kids were younger and Lois and I took them to visit the Grand Canyon. We’d driven all day in order to save on travel expenses, and by the time we got there, it was pretty late. We arrived tired and ready to head to our hotel room to go to sleep. Yet there was one fairly major problem: I had forgotten to reserve us a room.
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