7 Mistakes Single Christian Women Make With Relationships

There are many single Christian women out there simply frustrated with the process of dating and relationships. It can feel like there is so much unnecessary nonsense attached, and that causes some to lose hope. For those that feel this way, don’t be discouraged, but be mindful of what adjustments you can make to see some improvement in that area.

Here are 7 mistakes single Christian women should examine and consider correcting.

1. Hiding Out In the Church
Going to church and praising God is a beautiful thing. Being open to meeting a potential mate in church makes perfect sense. Using church as a shield because you don’t want to put yourself out there and be vulnerable, can and will likely work against you. Many single Christian women use spending an excess amount of time in church as a cover-up to the fear that dwells within. Church is their wall of protection, but just like other walls in their life, it can still block their blessings.

2. Trying to Force Celibacy into a Romantic Relationship
I am a complete supporter of Celibacy. I think more men and single Christian women should embrace it in their lives. The issue here isn’t being celibate, but the idea of expecting it to work within the structure of romantic relationships. Boyfriend/Girlfriend is not a biblical union, so trying to fit certain biblical principles in it can create a conflict. Some people can do it, most will struggle and fail. That’s why friendship is a great foundation to build from. A man may not be willing to sacrifice sex until he truly sees the value in that woman, and friendship can create the time needed for that to happen.

3. Using Sex as a Tool
Not all single Christian women are celibate. Some may be having sex to reel a man in, and in her mind, hopefully keep him. Some may be celibate to make a man prove his worthiness. Either of those reasons (and I acknowledge other reasons exist) will typically backfire in her face. Sex won’t give her the relationship she needs, and it falls outside of where God wants her focus. Not having sex should be about her as a woman, and the desire not to have her judgment clouded, not to get attached to the wrong man, and not to confuse desire with love. Stay focused on what God desires and not how it can cause a man to stick around or to walk away.

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Stephan Labossiere is a Certified Life & Relationship Coach, Speaker, and Author of the #1 Best Seller “God Where Is My Boaz” as well as the Award Winning book “How To Get A Woman To Have Sex With You…If You’re Her Husband“. Stephan is on a mission to help men and women experience happier, healthier, and more fulfilling relationships. He is a highly sought after coach and speaker who has been seen, heard and chronicled in various national and international media outlets. You can also checkout Stephan on Youtubehttp://www.StephanSpeaks.com/

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