A Passionate Christian Woman

What is a passionate Christian woman? Well, she’s not a woman who’s perfect, peerless or guiltless, but as human as you and me. A passionate Christian woman simply has a passion for the things of God and is driven to do something about it.

This woman thirsts for God. God is the driving force of her existence, the meaning behind her life. She doesn’t live primarily for the latest fads, fashions, or fancies, but for God. She cares little for fame or fortune, recognition or reward. Instead, she has experienced the intense satisfaction of a personal relationship with a holy God, and as a deer longs for a cool, refreshing stream to enjoy, so she longs for her God.
She hungers for Truth. In a mixed-up world where wrong often seems right, a passionate believer pursues God’s Truth with intensity. Never one to accept mere human opinion or feeling-based experience, she considers God’s Word to be as necessary to her as her daily food. She has a Berean mindset (Acts 17:11), persistently compares the spoken word to the written Word, and sifts it to find the Truth. A passionate Christian woman is passionate about the Bible, for therein God has revealed His heart and mind for mankind.
She loves others with godly passion. She demonstrates sincere concern, models unconditional love, and does her utmost to influence those around her for heaven. She doesn’t portray one who has arrived, but one who knows where she’s going. Then she coaxes and encourages and helps others to join her on her journey. Her love is practical, pure and positive. The motivation for her outreach is her up-reach to God, and she does it with fervency and attention to detail.
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Chila M. Woychik lives on a small farm in central eastern Iowa with her husband of 26 years. They have one son, Craig, currently studying in-residence at Moody Bible Institute. She loves life! — especially enjoying family, friends, a good cup of tea, reading, writing, gardening, good movies and Starbucks.

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