How to Get Started Right

The Lord allowed us to see our new church facility in Madison, Virginia, become a reality. We simply watched God do the things He said He would. “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against …

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Make Digital Disciples

Rapid technological advances are constantly changing the way we communicate with each other, allowing us to connect faster and more frequently than ever before. We can communicate with someone across the globe as easily as with someone in the next room. Yet the connections we make are often so shallow that we still feel isolated …

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Six Reasons Small Churches Are Powerful

With a few exceptions, all churches were small at one time. They began with a handful of people and went forward from there. Some grew a great deal and are still expanding, some grew a little and leveled off, while some failed to grow at all.

Church-Planting Shifts, Part Four: Supporting Planters

Read Part One, The Launch, Part Two, From Nominal to Secular, and Part Three, Preparing Our People for Witness. As I have discussed in this series on church-planting shifts, we must acknowledge that Christianity in the West will be competing more with a secular worldview than it has in the past, when Christendom reigned.

My Top 10 Church Planting Tips

Christianity Today Aaron Damiani This year I faced one of my greatest fears: planting a church. I sought advice from veteran pastors and church planters. Their counsel has come through classes, formal coaching relationships, and one-off meetings or phone calls.

Church-Planting Shifts, Part Two: From Nominal to Secular

Christianity Today Ed Stetzer In Part One of our series on subtle, yet important church-planting shifts, we dealt with the changing face of the church launch. As I mentioned, this includes a downscaling of the traditional launch mode to build up more core elements that will allow the church to go the long haul. Below, …

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