Dealing With Frustration, by Daniella Whyte

“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:30) Everyone gets frustrated from time to time. Accidents, incidents, unexpected events, and other things happen that cause us to feel distressed or annoyed. Not only can circumstances be frustrating, but people can be frustrating as well. 

The Truth Works, by Daniella Whyte

When the last season of ABC’s hit show “Scandal” wrapped up a few months ago, it ended leaving a question in the viewers’ minds. Who leaked Olivia Pope’s ongoing secret affair with the president?

It Really Is Not About You, by Daniella Whyte

How quick we are to forget that the world does not center around us. In fact, nothing regarding life is really about us. Our problems and difficulties may seem large to us because they are ours. But all of our griping, complaining, and mumbling and grumbling about everything that is going wrong just does not …

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3 Ways to Handle Fear, by Daniella Whyte

Fear is a normal, innate response to physical and/or emotional danger. If we did not have a sense of fear, we could not protect ourselves from dangerous, threatening things, situations, and people. But, too often, we fear things and situations that are far from dangerous or threatening. We hide from reality, allowing things to overwhelm …

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Drop the Bags, by Daniella Whyte

When you board a plane, you are given a limit as to how many bags you can take on board with you. Some airlines let you only have one, others let you have two. However, you can’t take your whole wardrobe and makeup station on board with you. If you insist on doing so, you …

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Life in the Key of G, by Daniella Whyte

Music is a powerful force in the world. From the lyrics to the beat, music has been used in every facet of life. At weddings, graduations, inaugurations, celebrations, and funerals, music helps to set the mood of our lives. Piercing through all times in history, music is like an arrow that shoots straight to our …

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