Are You Preaching Through Your Church?

While on mission to Indonesia, an American pastor felt insulted that the group of national pastors to whom he was preaching did not look him in the eye. For the duration of the sermon, these pastors kept their faces down, fixed solely upon their papers. Of course his concern was alleviated when he learned that …

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Leading a Small Church

John Koessler’s take on pastoring smaller congregations. This week’s featured resource, Strengthening Small Churches, includes an interview with John Koessler, who is chair and professor of pastoral studies at Moody Bible Institute. He previously spent nine years pastoring a small church in central Illinois. Below is an excerpt from that interview.

Does Your Church Take Care of Its Widows?

“In the course of a single year, 500,000 American wives become widows.  A large percentage of these are members of our churches.  My experience as a pastor leads me to believe that they form one of the most neglected segments of our church life.  Certainly we have a spiritual obligation to them.  But what is …

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The Awkward Local Church

Maybe the most prominent and seductive modern-day myth is the assumption that we have an unlimited amount of attention. Technology affords us the opportunity to become involved in multiple communities—based on hobbies, personal struggles, political views, social cause, or stage of life. Twitter hashtags, shareable content, and Facebook groups with a feeling of exclusivity create …

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New Research Reveals Many Pastors Struggle with Friendships, Mental Health; One In Three Are On the Verge of Burnout

A landmark new study by Barna Group, conducted in partnership with Pepperdine University, offers a revealing look into the lives of America’s pastors. Drawn from interviews with more than 14,000 Protestant pastors from 40 denominations spanning the theological and political spectrum, The State of Pastors is both hopeful and troubling, with unexpected bright spots and …

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How Preaching Affects Everything

by Brian Biedebach Is Preaching Everything? I recently had a conversation with a pastor who was developing some training material for pastors in Africa. He had asked me to review the material, and when I asked him why there was such a low emphasis on preaching, he said to me, “I don’t buy into this …

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