Gospel Light Society President, Daniel Whyte III, Preaches Thanksgiving Message “Why I Still Thank God for America”

Over the past few years, America has experienced some of its toughest days — politically, economically, socially, and especially spiritually. Church attendance and baptisms in many denominations are on the decline. More and more people are classifying themselves as having no religious beliefs. The global wave of terrorism has still not abated. And then we …

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Dealing with the Sorrows and Discouragements of Pastoral Ministry

Sorrows and discouragements seem to be orbiting in another galaxy when preparing for ministry. The positive elements of a thriving church, growing and cooperating at every point, preaching great sermons, and leading a willing congregation consume the mind. Yet after getting past the infamous “honeymoon stage” of a pastorate, the pastor discovers that he and …

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Ten Reasons I Love Pastoral Ministry In the Church

by John MacArthur I remember reading Iain Murray’s excellent biography of Jonathan Edwards. I found much to identify with, especially the personal heartaches Edwards endured as pastor of the same church for twenty-three years. After all that time his flock voted him out.