Courage In the Commission

The famous American pilot Eddie Rickenbacker once said, “Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you’re scared.” But, it’s very human to think of courage being the absence of fear. That’s why Rickenbacker’s observation can help us in our Christian lives.

Discipleship vs. Evangelism

Most Christians believe that the primary purpose of salvation is to avoid hell. That may have been what you were taught, but it’s not what the Bible teaches. In fact, that kind of thinking serves to inoculate people from the truth of the Gospel concerning salvation.

How Will You Be Found?

Every day we hear of someone whose life was suddenly and unexpectedly cut short.  They may have been fishing, teaching a class, driving to the grocery store for some milk, riding a bicycle, digging a trench, or “keeping the peace” in some distant land.  Without warning, their life on earth has come to an end. …

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Helping Your Church Grow With Tracts

Many soul winners write to Chick Publications with tract distribution ideas. Each Battle Cry issue carries a column of these ideas. Occasionally one comes along which is so effective that it can energize the soul winning in an entire church. Here is one of that kind:

A Witnessing Lifestyle

Abstract: I promote a witnessing lifestyle. While in college I helped produce a multimedia production in which we asked people what they were waiting for–as I use the term “multimedia” I have to smile because at that time it meant stringing some Kodak projectors together with sound. Our presentation took all of eight minutes as …

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A False Plan of Salvation

It is absolutely tragic that there’s so much information and lies on the internet, especially concerning salvation. Recently, while searching the internet, I ran across the following website at, published by Mike Scott, which teaches a perverted gospel message. It’s so sad. Here is a quote from the website: