Money and Marriage

by Crown Financial Ministries Money is one of the major causes of friction in a marriage, and it’s no wonder. Living in a world in which we are constantly worried about taking care of ourselves, it’s easy to forget that marriage is a commitment to forge a new life with another person.

Some Facts About Money from a Christian Perspective

by Dr. LeRoy Randolph 1. Some Christians have money and are not blessed! Some Christians have not money and are blessed! Therefore, we know the blessings of God are not dependent on whether we have money or don’t have money, but rather on the use of what we do have, and our attitude about money.

Common Financial Mistakes Involving Our Lifestyle

by Ron Blue A CONSUMPTIVE LIFESTYLE The primary lifestyle mistake is living beyond what a person or family can really afford. A consumptive lifestyle has as its highest priority the material comforts of life. One who pursues this lifestyle says, “I will not sacrifice anything that brings me satisfaction. I’ll spend my money on myself …

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Pledge or Faith Promise?

by Crown Financial Ministries Part of being a good steward, or manager, of God’s possessions is giving back to God a portion of what He’s entrusted to us, His stewards. It’s not that God needs our money. Rather, giving serves as an external, material testimony that God owns both the material and spiritual things of …

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Why Don’t God’s People Support God’s Work?

by Dr. LeRoy Randolph The prophet, Malachi, makes it clear in the last book of the Old Testament that the failure of God’s people to support God’s work is due to some serious spiritual failures. When the question is asked in Malachi 3:8, “Will a man rob God?” the answer returns with a resounding “YES” …

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Good Stewardship

by Dr. LeRoy Randolph If as I indicated in a previous article, the Will is the first step in planning for the utilization of our money, what’s next?

Savings: Where Do I Start?

by Deborah Nayrocker Dear Deborah, Savings: Where do I start? I need help getting started. Thanks. Begin by asking yourself why you want to save. How important is it to you? Some people don’t save because they think they don’t have the extra money.