My Mom and I

Mom flew off from Sydney and back to Indonesia last Monday. I feel a little relieved, I must say… Though I had enjoyed all the fun we had, my body simply couldn’t cope with the almost nonstop activities from morning till night. I need my rest. Now that she’s gone, I admit 2 weeks can fly quite quickly.

I can still recall the excitement that I feel when I expect her coming. I got this topnotch willpower to serve her better this time. I determine to make her stay enjoyable. That she’ll fly back to Indonesia with her love-tank full, brag to her friends how her children love her so much and how she enjoys her holiday.

So much for willpower and good intention… When it’s time to actually put those intentions into action, it’s not as easy as it may sound like. I realize I was preparing myself to serve her with condition: I’ll accompany her the whole day if I don’t feel tired; I’ll do whatever she wants me to do as long as it makes sense and not embarrassing me in any way…

I’m ready to serve, but NOT ready to serve with SACRIFICE. I’m NOT preparing myself to be the bigger person; to still love her despite the negative comments; to still serve her though she could be a bit tough sometimes.

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