Gather Your Strength from the Word

“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus Now unto God and our Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.“ – Philippians 4:19-20 These verses are so precious. The words “my God” make verse nineteen so very personal to each of us. Then notice with me the …

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Church-Planting Shifts, Part Four: Supporting Planters

Read Part One, The Launch, Part Two, From Nominal to Secular, and Part Three, Preparing Our People for Witness. As I have discussed in this series on church-planting shifts, we must acknowledge that Christianity in the West will be competing more with a secular worldview than it has in the past, when Christendom reigned.

Dave Ramsey’s Thoughts on Vacations

One of Dave’s radio show listeners emailed to get some advice: We have a few thousand saved up for a trip this summer as a way to reward ourselves for working so diligently on our debt snowball lately. We deserve a break! Should we go? Is now the best time?

When God Comes Calling

By Jennifer Edwards The doorbell rang. I answered the door and was surprised to find a long-time friend whom I had not seen or spoken to in several years. Wondering what brought her to my door after all this time, I invited her in. We chatted easily, catching up on kids, life, and the usual …

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How Will You Be Found?

Every day we hear of someone whose life was suddenly and unexpectedly cut short.  They may have been fishing, teaching a class, driving to the grocery store for some milk, riding a bicycle, digging a trench, or “keeping the peace” in some distant land.  Without warning, their life on earth has come to an end. …

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Listening to God

Are you searching for purpose in your life? Do you have dreams and desires that you wish to see to fruition? Are you at a crossroads and wondering what direction to go in? If any of these questions are lying on your heart, then listen up! God has a plan for you.

A Witnessing Lifestyle

Abstract: I promote a witnessing lifestyle. While in college I helped produce a multimedia production in which we asked people what they were waiting for–as I use the term “multimedia” I have to smile because at that time it meant stringing some Kodak projectors together with sound. Our presentation took all of eight minutes as …

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