Praying to Become a Mother

I Samuel 1:1-18   There are mothers in our presence whose children are all grown. Occasionally she becomes lonely because she is left to herself. There are mothers whose children are grown and they never get lonely. They can’t get their children to move out of their house so they can get lonely. There are …

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I Need My Father

by Dr. & Mrs. Lynwood Davis “Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.” – Proverbs 17:6

The Need for Family

by Dr. & Mrs. Lynwood Davis II Samuel 13:1-20 God designed the family to meet each other’s needs. Those outside your family may help you in your needs, but only the family can satisfy your needs. Family problems are the result of not meeting a family member’s needs. Unfulfilled needs cause us to lose perspective on our relationship with other family …

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Recovering From a Broken Relationship (Part 1)

by Dr. & Mrs. Lynwood Davis Genesis 39-41 Several years ago, my wife had major surgery. As I sat in the waiting room, hours seemingly passed as days. The doctor finally came in and said, “Rev. Davis, Margaret’s surgery is completed. She is in the recovery room. She will need your help if she is …

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God’s Design for Marriage

by Dr. & Mrs. Lynwood Davis Several years ago, Margaret and I were shocked when we heard that a good friend of ours decided to walk out on his wife and children. When asked what the problem was, he replied, “I’m just tired of being married, and I want to do something different.”  What our …

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Meeting Your Wife’s Emotional Needs (Part 1)

by Dr. & Mrs. Lynwood Davis We are living in an era where fidelity in the marriage vows is all but lost. In 1910, there was recorded one divorce for every ten marriages in America. In 1940, just thirty years later, America witnessed one divorce for every six marriages. Today, one out of every two …

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