Praying to Become a Mother

I Samuel 1:1-18   There are mothers in our presence whose children are all grown. Occasionally she becomes lonely because she is left to herself. There are mothers whose children are grown and they never get lonely. They can’t get their children to move out of their house so they can get lonely. There are …

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Ten Things NOT Found In Proverbs 31

Have you ever tried so hard to make things great for your family that you ended up frustrated, bitter, and snapping at every one of them? You know, something like, “Go away and be quiet, can’t you see that I’m trying to be a good mother?”

Nurturing Your Marriage

  I have seen some great power in this “sistering” to help one another in learning how to to love our husbands wiser, better, stronger, and more faithfully. You might be braver if you have some accountability: a friend, a sister, or a mentor to walk the path together. Of course, you will need to guard …

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Friendship Advice for Wives in Ministry

Most ministry wives wish they had a group of friends who were close-knit and loved each other and supported each other. Even though we minister to people daily, show hospitality in our homes regularly, and are loved by many in our congregations, we still long for the intimacy of a close friend and confidante. However, there …

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So You Live In The Pastor’s House

by C. Ramona Smith So, you live in the pastor’s house?  I bet most of your conversations are probably about the church, the work of the church, church officers, members, and visitors. You and your spouse are probably more consumed with the life of the church than the life at home.  Perhaps, life at home has become secondary to …

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