The Problem With Pedestals

It catches me off-guard whenever it happens. And it happens in varying degrees to all pastors’ wives. What is it? I call it the Pedestal Syndrome. It’s the belief by some that the pastor’s wife is, or should be, perfect. They’re shocked to discover that you and the pastor fight … struggle spiritually … can’t …

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The Pastor’s Wife

by William Noel When you hear the phrase, “The pastor’s wife,” what comes to mind? Perhaps the picture of a godly saint ministering to her family and church with no thought of her own needs or desires. Now, ask yourself, Does my wife fit my definition of what a pastor’s wife should be? I’m afraid …

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The Honest Journey of a Pastor’s Wife

by Shirley Unrau I was adorned in the most beautiful bridal gown I had ever seen. As I looked towards the front of the church, I saw that my beloved’s eyes were brimming with tears of joy. I was excited and a little apprehensive about the future. I knew that the moment I said “I …

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9 Struggles of the Pastor’s Wife

by Jeremy Bouma I must be honest, the best part of our new book, The Pastor’s Family, is my wife’s chapter on the struggles and joys of being a pastor’s wife.  She lists 9 struggles, then concludes with the joys of being a pastor’s wife.  It is tremendously insightful.