Praying to Become a Mother

I Samuel 1:1-18   There are mothers in our presence whose children are all grown. Occasionally she becomes lonely because she is left to herself. There are mothers whose children are grown and they never get lonely. They can’t get their children to move out of their house so they can get lonely. There are …

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Fail First

In our society we often glorify the people who have a long list of accomplishments after their name. We look up to those who are wealthy, have power, and have achieved what we often times only dream of. Yet what we decline to see is the hard work, the sweat, the tears, the sleepless nights, …

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Staying Spiritually Fit

For many of us regular weekly Bible study goes on hiatus until the fall. So often the kind of change of pace summer brings, can throw even the most disciplined among us off kilter spiritually.

Conduits of Prayer

Shortly before my son, Todd, graduated from high school and drove to California to start college, two guys and a girl from our church had the same plan. But in Colorado their van went off the road and the two young men were killed.

People Deserve Your Honesty

Do not lie to each other. – Colossians 3:9 It is never right to lie – not to yourself, not to others, and not to God. People and culture and times may change, but the fact that ‘honesty is the best policy’ never will. It is always right to tell the truth, even if that …

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When God Comes Calling

By Jennifer Edwards The doorbell rang. I answered the door and was surprised to find a long-time friend whom I had not seen or spoken to in several years. Wondering what brought her to my door after all this time, I invited her in. We chatted easily, catching up on kids, life, and the usual …

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My Strong Tower

Have you ever felt tired of doing everyday things like homework or chores? Or have you gotten really excited about something and then found out it wasn’t going to happen at all? Maybe you awoke one day and started stressing about a really hard test. Or you may have felt too scared to go up …

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Unpacking Your Suitcase

By Jill Briscoe Living out of a suitcase is one art that I know a lot about. I was excited to receive my two-million mile award from United Airlines this year! But I would say I still struggle with the whole packing thing to this day.