Praying to Become a Mother

I Samuel 1:1-18   There are mothers in our presence whose children are all grown. Occasionally she becomes lonely because she is left to herself. There are mothers whose children are grown and they never get lonely. They can’t get their children to move out of their house so they can get lonely. There are …

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When God Comes Calling

By Jennifer Edwards The doorbell rang. I answered the door and was surprised to find a long-time friend whom I had not seen or spoken to in several years. Wondering what brought her to my door after all this time, I invited her in. We chatted easily, catching up on kids, life, and the usual …

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Building a Lifestyle of Sacrificial Love

Set Apart Girl Leslie Ludy In 1890, Catherine Booth wrote, “It will be a happy day for England when Christian ladies transfer their attentions from poodles and terriers to destitute and starving children*. She reminded women that living for pleasure and filling their days with eating, drinking, dressing, and sightseeing left no time to serve …

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How Christian Women Can Mentor and Be Mentored

Few Christians dispute the wisdom and benefits of mentoring. Titus 2:3-5 specifically targets women’s relationship with one another. Paul encourages the young pastor Titus to identify qualified older women who could, and should, teach and model godliness to the younger women in his church body:

A Passionate Christian Woman

What is a passionate Christian woman? Well, she’s not a woman who’s perfect, peerless or guiltless, but as human as you and me. A passionate Christian woman simply has a passion for the things of God and is driven to do something about it.

Nurturing Your Marriage

  I have seen some great power in this “sistering” to help one another in learning how to to love our husbands wiser, better, stronger, and more faithfully. You might be braver if you have some accountability: a friend, a sister, or a mentor to walk the path together. Of course, you will need to guard …

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