The King’s Daughter

The king’s daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of wrought gold.” – Psalm 45:13

This is a royal Psalm about a great and majestic king. It is also a picture of the great King Jesus Christ. Those of us who are saved are daughters of the King and members of the royal family. Romans 8:17 says, we are “heirs of God, and joint heirs of Christ.” As members of the royal family, God wants us to be glorious within. However, we tend to be more concerned about being glorious without. We spend much time in caring for our outward appearance. We like to look nice and smell nice, and rightly so; for this is all a part of our femininity. But while we are so conscientious about our personal appearance, all too often we are negligent and careless in our spiritual grooming.

God is more interested in what we look like on the inside because He looks at our hearts (I Samuel 16:7). When He takes inventory of us, what does He see? Does He see a clean heart, fragrant with love and adoration for Him? Or, does He see a dirty heart, cluttered and grimy with hidden and unconfessed sin? Does He see that He is first? Or, are we sitting on the throne that rightly belongs to Him? Does He see a willing heart? Or, does He see a cold, indifferent one? A yielded, surrendered heart or a stubborn, rebellious one? A meek and tender heart or a proud and haughty one?

We must guard our hearts carefully, for we owe Him nothing less than our total selves– clean and pure because He has clothed us with the garment of His righteousness. He has washed us in His Blood and made us accepted in the beloved. He has cleansed us initially, but we must go to Him daily for cleansing.

In Genesis 8:20-21, Noah offered a burnt offering on the altar to God, “and the Lord smelled a sweet savor,” or a sweet fragrance. May God be able to smell from our lives the pleasing fragrance of a clean heart, full of love and gratitude, a willing heart for service, and a giving heart that gives Him the best of all we have and offers to Him the praise, glory, and honor due only to Him

Let us keep our inner and outer garments clean, as we make ready for His blessed and glorious return.

Mrs. Shirley Carter

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