Wisconsin Pastor Jason Webb Warns Rejecting Refugees Is Like ‘Closing the Door on Jesus’

Evangelical megachurch pastor Jason Webb has spoken out against President Donald Trump’s temporary suspension of refugee resettlement and argues that preventing refugees from entering the United States is like closing the door on Jesus.

Webb, who pastors the 6,000-member Elmbrook Church just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in a conservative area of the state, was one of the 100 evangelical leaders who signed onto an open letter published as a full-page advertisement in last Wednesday’s Washington Post opposing Trump’s Jan. 27 executive order.

“When I was asked to sign this letter, there wasn’t even really a thought that I wouldn’t sign it. I do that for personal reasons as a follower of Jesus,” Webb said during a conference call last Thursday. “My role as a follower of Jesus and as a pastor no matter what the issue is to help people see the world not from a political perspective, but first and foremost, as a follower of Jesus.”

The letter has now been signed by nearly 6,000 church leaders across the country.

“Right now, people first go to the pages of social media or to their favorite news source. We need to elevate that and say ‘No, the role of a Christian is to start where we believe is the source of truth, which is the Bible,'” Webb added. “When you think politically, we have found it leads to an irrational fear of your neighbor. But when you think biblically, it leads to an extravagant love of your neighbor.”

The Milwaukee pastor explained that the Bible constantly reminds Christians that they are called to love strangers, foreigners and their neighbors.

“If you just open Scripture, you just begin to see that God’s love for them is undeniable. In the Old Testament alone, the term for foreigner residing in the land is mentioned 92 times,” he said. “You read in Leviticus 19 that we are to love the foreigner or the refugee as we are to love ourselves.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Samuel Smith

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